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My pal Kara has just released a new product called Time Books and I wanted to share them with you. Because they are way cool. Time Books are a printable zine-inspired method of time-based art journaling. They are easy to print at home or send out to a print center. Time Books can be whatever you want them to be — quick, bulky, cheap, elegant, long, or short.


What Time Books are is easy: throw one in your suitcase before a trip, spend a month adding to
one, or make a Time Book all about a day, long ago.

The traditional Time Book is a stapled saddle-stitched book (which will require a long-arm stapler), but there’s nothing that says you can’t mix it up. Try different binding methods like hand-stitching,
machine sewing, hole punching. If you want to bulk up your Time Book, add pages with your own
patterned papers before binding. Anything goes.

You can purchase Time Books here for only $10. I have already started working on mine and let me tell you ... freedom! And fun. So easy. Give it a try (and let me know if you make something cool!)

Share your Time Books on Instagram with #timebooking. @classeskaramade #classeskaramade


  1. I'm going to head over to the site, but I have to know, would this be good for scrappling? :)

    1. Laughing SO hard!!!! YES. Perfect for scrappling! <3


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