A vest for Noro Magazine

Photos by Rose Callahan and Paul Amato for LVARepresents.com

Ready for a dose of color? Check out the beauties in Noro Magazine Fall/Winter 2014. I was fortunate enough to design an oversized vest for this issue, which I spent lots of time working on last summer. (Which seems like ages ago!) Once again, it was such a thrill to ever-so-carefully pack up my knitted creation into a box and mail it off to New York City, and then wait to see how it would be photographed. Here it is, below.

Photos by Paul Amato for LVARepresents.com

Fun, right? This vest uses Noro Silk Garden Solo and Silk Garden Lite held together. Want to see more? Feast your eyes on these gorgeously colorful designs featured in the magazine. Noro's colorways are always so incredibly magnificent.

Photos by Rose Callahan and Paul Amato for LVARepresents.com

You can pick up your copy of Noro Magazine Fall/Winter 2014 at your local bookstore, craft store or yarn shop. (I happen to collect issues of Noro Magazine because they're full of such beautiful projects and I'm thrilled to add this one to my bookshelf!)

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