Wool and the Gang Snood Workshop

Few things make me happier than knitting with friends, so I was super stoked to have another chance to host a Wool and the Gang workshop here in Des Moines. It's hard to beat chilling out with fifteen of your friends on a snowy day, eating snacks and chatting the afternoon away.

The Des Moines Social Club was our headquarters once again and that sunshine coming through the windows felt lovely.

Our project was a snood, which could be knit in three different stitch patterns. We all chose our favorite shade of Crazy Sexy Wool and boom – snoods were born.

Snacks were eaten. (Duh.)

And the friends were chillin.

It was so much fun and now we all have something to keep us warm during this cold, snowy holiday season. Stay tuned because I'm hoping we'll do this again soon! Stay toasty and have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. is this yarn available in dm or wdm? am looking for good yarn shop. also: stitch used in turquoise (top photo), please? also: snood pattern? is a snood one of those hair covers? thank you! found your blog quite accidentally and like it a lot! karen

    1. Hello! This yarn is not available in DM/WDM, unfortunately. But my favorite local yarn shop is Hill Vintage & Knits! Thanks for reading. :)

    2. thank you! i figured out what snood is... but do you know the stitch in the very top photo, please? done in turquoise yarn.appreciate the shop recommendation, too! thank you! karen


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