A new hat for me! I've picked out five different things I want to make from Rowan's Big Accessories collection (because who doesn't like a project that you can whip up in an evening/weekend?) The first thing I had to make was this awesome hat, Ferris.

Ferris was designed by Sarah Hatton using Alpaca Chunky. (I used shade 73/Pigeon.) This was a super quick knit and if you're not familiar with this yarn, it is softer than soft. It has a rounded chain construction which gives it a bit of stretch and makes it incredibly lightweight, but it's also very, very warm. This hat uses exactly one ball of Alpaca Chunky and I'm in love with all of the natural colorways that are available. 

The next project I want to knit from this collection is Bandit, which is a super cool cowl with fur trim on the cover of Big Accessories. Check it out – it's so neat! What's on your needles right now? The time (and the weather) is right for knitting.


  1. One Bandit already done by me. Loved it!!

    1. It's such a great accessory - hoping to start mine tonight!


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