Rowan Studio 33

Pop by Amanda Crawford

I just had to share images from Rowan's Studio 33: The Last Hurrah – the final collection of Rowan's Studio publications. While saying goodbye is sad (I'll really miss Studio!) they're really going out with a bang. Check out all of the spectacular designs and gorgeous photography for this rock-and-roll inspired collection. Using Kidsilk Haze, Anchor Artiste Metallic, Kidsilk Haze Eclipse, Angora Haze and Kidsilk Haze Glamour, this final group of patterns covers all knitting skill levels from beginner to experienced. Get ready to be inspired.

Blondie by Grace Melville

Daltrey by Gemma Atkinson


Hendrix by Gemma Atkinson

Jagger by Lisa Richardson

Jett by Lisa Richardson

Joplin by Lisa Richardson

Tyler by Martin Storey

Quattro by Sarah Hatton

Springsteen by Marie Wallin

One more thing! Through January 31st, Rowan is offering up a chance to win the yarn to knit a Rowan garment, a Rowan subscription and tickets to Stitchtopia! Pretty amazing. Rowan will be adding new competitions every month and they’re all FREE to enter. Click here to check it out.

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