I'm back.

Well, hello there readers from the past, present and future. I haven't posted here at HeyJenRenee in awhile. It's actually been almost a year. I moved on to a new blog which I haphazardly named makexdo. I thought it was a brilliant decision and was super excited for a fresh start.

Until I realized that no one could find me. What was I thinking? I had chosen a blog name/brand name that was hard to remember. Let alone say out loud. My papercrafting/scrapbooking friends all knew me as HeyJenRenee. My knitting and Ravelry friends all knew me as HeyJenRenee. My blog traffic was clearly all coming from HeyJenRenee.


So I've decided to come back. To continue blogging in this space I've kept since 2006. Luckily, I hadn't ditched this domain name. Yesterday, I snagged my old Twitter handle and switched back to my old Facebook page and updated all of the social media links everywhere I possibly could. The links to the right all work properly. The posts below are current. So we're good to go, people. Once I imported all of my 2013 posts from makexdo over to this blog, there was a sigh of relief. I am back home and it feels right.

So yes, that was dumb. I am sorry. And not to be a huge pain in the neck, but I would be so incredibly appreciative if you would add HeyJenRenee back into your blog reader. If it's not there already. I will keep makexdo up for another year or so, and everything I've written there has been brought over here. So you won't miss a thing. But pretty please follow me at HeyJenRenee from here on out. I promise I won't leave again.

Sorry for the confusion and THANK YOU for reading. You rule. xoxo.

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