nyc twenty thirteen

Over the weekend, I met up with these two in Brooklyn once again. Jamaica. And Kristi. And like we've done before, we hit the streets of nyc incredibly hard. Urban warriors are we. But we also made sure to carve out enough time to relax and catch up and talk a lot. When we meet up for these weekends full of girl time and wandering, the time goes fast. We intend to make the most of it.

Every time we meet up, it's just what we all needed. I'm back home now and feeling grateful for my friends. We know each other well despite the physical distance that separates California from Iowa from New York. When we're together we talk about everything; each of our personalities collide into one magnificent entity and it's oh-so-good, each and every time.


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    1. hey! thanks so much! (see you in a few weeks!)

  2. loved going through your pics! good times with some good peeps :)

  3. Those are some GREAT photos, Jen!!


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