what's in the box?

If you're a knitter, you may agree that by the end of July you're already thinking about fall. Can't help it. The new yarns start to appear and you start dreaming of woolen sweaters while you sit by the pool. I'm certainly not wishing the summer days away, but I am definitely eager to knit fall sweaters. And! Last week was the official launch of the new Autumn/Winter Rowan yarns, which means it's time for another seasonal box for the Rowan Ambassador gang. (So, what's in the box?)

As a Rowan Ambassador I'll be reviewing the new yarns and pattern books over the next few months, but I wanted to give you a peek at what I'll be working with. Shown above: Angora Haze, Thick 'n' Thin, Tumble, Lima Colour, Kidsilk Haze Eclipse and Alpaca Colour. Gorgeous, right?

Rowan is introducing lots of beautiful new yarns along with old favorites in new colors. And of course, an abundance of new pattern collections.

So, the yarn is definitely exciting. Thrilling! But since I'm a graphic designer, the books kind of take my breath away. And there are so many this season. This is the stack we received for the Rowan Autumn/Winter launch, and there is something for every knitter within these pages. Truthfully, there are probably 20 things for every knitter. I'm having a terribly hard time deciding which project to start first because there are so many things that I really want to knit. And I know I've mentioned this before, but Rowan really knows how to put together a book. The photography, design and paper/stock/finish choices are perfection. The texture of the cover of Angora Haze may have actually made me drool. I am not kidding.

Here's a better look at Pioneer, Warm & Toasty, Autumn Knits and Alpaca Colour.
Here is Rowan Magazine 54, Angora Haze and a children's collection called Little Star. To see all of the patterns in these collections at a glance, check out Rowan's videos on YouTube.

Exciting, yes? What are you working on? I can't wait to dive in. August is pretty much fall ... right?


  1. Those Rowan books are ALWAYS amazing...incredible styling and the projects, obviously!

  2. the book covers look amazing enough, i can only imagine how they look on the inside.

  3. I really love visiting this blog, I realize you have two young kids and a life that keep you busy however almost every post is now sponsored somehow.


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