five-minute project: shadow box

This is a project that I have been putting off forever, but it only took a couple of minutes to complete. Not even five minutes ... like, two minutes. Anyway, you get the picture. A small (but deep) shadow box, a photo from Lo's first dance recital and her very first pair of ballet slippers that she has now outgrown. Add these things together and we have a sweet and simple keepsake to display in her room.

If this kind of thing appeals to you, you must check out Darcy Miller's scrapboxes. She's been featured on Martha Stewart crafts and her stuff is so good. She has assembled several fantastically cool shadow boxes that include mementos like tiny white baby onesies, seashells from the beach, a baby's first stuffed animal, memorable pieces of art and favorite bedtime stories. Super sweet and so easy to do. Check this stuff out for sure.

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