a finished sock

One down, one to go. I have finally finished knitting my first legit adult sock – Sparrow, by Gemma Atkinson from the Rowan Fine Art Collection. I used Rowan Fine Art sock yarn in Chiff-Chaff and I love these neutral browns and grays!

I've cast-on sock number two and hope that it will knit up pretty quickly now that I have the first one under my belt. I'm really liking how these look with my Converse and can't wait to wear them a bit more this fall. I've decided that socks are pretty fun and now I understand why many knitters always keep a pair on the needles. If I have enough of this yarn left, I may make a small pair of socks for Lo or Bowie. (What's on your needles right now?)


  1. Ok, admit it. You bought those Converses to MATCH Chiff-chaff!

    1. HA! No, I own Cons in nearly every color. (But I *might* have used chiff-chaff because I knew it would match these Cons.) ;)

  2. see, i just can't get on the sock train. i think it's because the first pair of adult socks i ever knit were for my husband with is size 12 feet. who them promptly cut a hole into them in two months! ugh ...

    i love the look of that first sock, though, and can't wait to see the second one! here's to avoiding SSS (second sock syndrome - where you lose interest in the second sock) which i've heard can be quite catching

  3. yippee!!! so glad you're hooked on socks now...i have a love/hate relationship...i always swear i'm not going to knit another pair, and then i always end up knitting another pair...can't stop! won't stop! ha!

  4. I've never done a pair of socks before...it seems really daunting to me. I attempted my first baby sweater that turned out entirely too small for the baby this past year. I have been sticking to dish cloths for now! :) But, I'd love to try a pair of socks sometime...although SSS sounds frightening ;)


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