a family photo

Sometimes, even on the busiest of days, you need to take a second and make everyone sit down on the couch. Set the timer on the camera. And take a picture of everyone in your little family, yourself included.
Even if it turns out blurry. Or no one is looking at the camera. Whether you're all dressed up or just lounging around your pajamas, it doesn't matter. These precious days go by so incredibly fast – they really really do. So take a minute or two and preserve this moment, with everyone in the picture. Someday you'll be so glad you did.

** I have been more inspired to do this ever since taking part in the Dos Family Picture Tour a few years back. See the photo we submitted way back in 2009 here. (Scroll down until you see us with a tiny Lo peeking out of the Vespa sidecar.) And see even more ridiculously cool photos from last year's tour here. **

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