80/35 memories

The lineup for 80/35 2013 has been announced, and I'm kind of stoked. (Wu-Tang Clan!! Okay ... we might have to get a babysitter for that one.) Our entire family has been to every single 80/35 since the very first one in 2008. And so, I made an 80/35 Spotify playlist for this year's festival. (Which you can check out here.) And then I looked up some of my old blog posts from years past. Here are some of my favorite pics.
This was taken at 80/35 in 2008. Little Lo was wearing a t-shirt that said 'I listen to Slayer with my daddy.' That was her first real concert.
We saw Tilly and the Wall in 2009.
Along with Public Enemy.
 We made this t-shirt for the Public Enemy show, and their entourage pulled us aside and gave us a bag full of CDs and merch.
William Elliott Whitmore is always pretty fantastic.
 Last year, Bowie got to see Deathcab for Cutie.
And The Avett Brothers.
But the actual, first, official band he saw was Dinosaur Jr.
Not bad for a one-year-old's first show.
And then there was Atmosphere.
  And Leslie and the LYs.
We love watching the hula hoop girls. The painted people. And the break-dancers.
Each year, Lo plays in the water feature inside the festival grounds. Last year, we finally remembered to bring her swimsuit.
We saw Dawes with good friends in 2010. (Both of these girls are much bigger now.)
And no matter what year we attend, we always run into tons of friends along the way.
We saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes in 2011.
Along with Girl Talk, Of Montreal and Grace Potter.
Ingrid Michaelson in 2008.
We saw G. Love and Ben Harper in 2009.
 And G. Love signed this CD for little Lo.
But the one 80/35 show that stands out the most for me was definitely The Flaming Lips in 2008. I'll never, ever forget it. It was super colorful and beautiful and crazy and cool. They sounded fantastic.
There you have it. My highlights from every 80/35 since 2008. We're so lucky to have the chance to see such amazing bands with our city's skyline as a backdrop. If you haven't bought tickets for this year's festival yet, let me help you off the fence. This impressive list of bands are some of my favorites that we've seen over the years. And the list is long. Matisyahu, The Roots, Andrew Bird, The Flaming Lips, G. Love, Public Enemy, Ben Harper, Death Cab For Cutie, The Avett Brothers, Yelawolf, Tilly and the Wall, Ingrid Michaelson, Girl Talk, Dirty Little Rabbits, Atmosphere, Dinosaur Jr., Yo La Tengo, Slightly Stoopid, William Elliott Whitmore, Earl Greyhound, Holly Golightly, Pieta Brown, Grace Potter, Spoon, Modest Mouse, Dawes, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Of Montreal, Avi Buffalo, The Cool Kids, Cracker, Poison Control Center, Flatform and so many more.

And in 2013? Wu-Tang Clan, Deerhunter, David Byrne and St. Vincent, Yeasayer, Wavves, The River Monks, House of Large Sizes (hello, college flashback!) and more. Get excited. Bring the kids. Just don't miss it.

** To see photos and read more about all five years of our fantastic times at 80/35, click here. **


  1. This post gets me excited for 80/35! I love that your whole family gets in on the action. Exposing children to art, music, and culture is so important and you clearly do an awesome job of that.

  2. This whole post makes me so happy. (and actually a little sad that I didn't live in DSM long enough for an 80/35 of my own). I just kept scrolling through thinking, "i want to see them. . . .and them. . . oooooh and them, too!" please make sure to update with your adventures this year!!

  3. So fun that your kids are a part of this!


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