life at our house.

This kid is on the move. And into everything

This girl has been making some amazing artwork.

We hung out with a giant T-Rex named Sue.

Bo has a new (old) Vespa project to work on in the garage.

Our Leopard Gecko, Banana, turned all white and cloudy this week. He was ready to shed his skin! So cool ... and so weird.

He's all bright and colorful again now. It was quite fun to watch.

Bo and I had a Weeds marathon to finish up the last season. (I love the Sharpie intro.) We tried to spread it out through the week as best we could. I'm going to miss the Botwins.

Bo saw G. Love play a few nights ago and got this rad autographed print.

I stayed home with the kids, so I missed out on the show. But G signed some special sauce for me. Nice, right?

We've been on spring break this past week, and what a cold and snowy week it was. (It's snowing buckets again right now as I type.) Lo made lots of art projects and it's been a (mostly) relaxed and chill time. Just hanging out at home and having some family time. I've had a bunch of creative deadlines and small projects to finish up, which is always fun, too. What have you been up to?

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