How's it going? What's new? I've been feeling a rush of creative energy lately; I'm just not entirely sure what to focus on. I have a lot of little ideas in my head ... but they're just marinating for now. Life is a little scattered around here, so I'm sure things will fall into place eventually. Here's what we've been up to.
Lovely play-dates.
 Coffee putting a smile on my face and the warmth back into my body.
Rolling through the school drop-off line in my pajamas. (I swore I would never do that, yet here I am.)
 Meeting up with new friends at Mars Cafe.
 Striped paper straws. Making me feel all fancy.
 And cat-naps. New teeth. And 12-month shots.
Orange couches.
Blue eyes.
 Big bites.
 And bright-on fashion choices.

What's up with you right now? Does winter have you in a funk? Are you feeling a little scattered like me?


  1. I am working on getting pictures into albums, from 1998 until 2005, then I will organize the digital pictures. My kids are 16 and 12. They are off of school this week, so it has been quiet, no rushing like mad in the mornings. Thanks for the update, I look forward to seeing what is new and what cool things you are doing!

  2. Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster. I am scattered between trying to clean my house that is over flowing with stuff I don't think I need anymore but am having trouble getting rid off, trying to decide if I should start an etsy store (to sell handmade knitting and crochet stitch markers, if I should start a blog, what I would write about on the blog, fighting a loosing battle against the pet hair in my house, going back and forth trying to decide if I should have a second child, and trying to concentrate long enough at work to make a dent in my work load. I look forward to all your posts. Thanks for doing this.

  3. Your house looks so cute. Decorated creatively. Give us a tour and tell us where you got your stuff... I cannot find any good house decor in Iowa!

  4. Your house is decorated so creatively! Will you do a blog post/home tour. I cannot find any good home decor in Iowa.


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