Lo's LaLaLoopsy birthday party

Last weekend, we celebrated this sweet girl's birthday with a LaLaLoopsy party. It was way fun.
We had her party at Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, one of her favorite spots in town.
And what a fantastic spot to have a party! Everything was set up so nicely for us in the party room, and I love the awesome wall mural. We brought some of Lo's LaLaLoopsy dolls to use as decorations. Want to see some of our LaLaLoopsy party ideas? Here's what we did.
My new favorite party supply is striped paper straws. These made fantastically easy and colorful cupcake toppers. We used these paper punch-out circles on cupcakes for Lo's party at school.
And then I used paper straws again for her party with these LaLaLoopsy pencil toppers.
The pencil toppers fit perfectly on the straws and looked super cute on top of the cupcakes.
I also used a few of the little animals on these spools that I wound with yarn as table decorations.
 For party favors, we made a bunch of beaded necklaces out of the Loopsy pencil topper heads. 
These were a cinch to make. I bought a couple of packages of tiny screw eyes at the hardware store and screwed them into the top of each LaLaLoopsy head to make them stringable. And voilĂ .
The striped party favor bags are from the Spritz party supply line at Target. I stapled the bags shut with bright-colored pieces of ribbon and covered the staples with big plastic buttons.
And the cake! Oh wow. Let me just say that I didn't even really have a plan for this cake. Lo asked me months ago for a big LaLaLoopsy head on her cake. And up until the night before the party, I really had no idea how I was going to do that. So this was an experiment that with a little luck ended up looking pretty okay! I made a cake in a round 8" pan and frosted it with regular blue buttercream frosting. And then I got to work with the fondant. This part always scares me (and maybe fondant intimidates you, too) but it's a lot like play-doh. I used Wilton ready-to-use fondant in a variety of colors, a cutting board and a knife. With some patience and Lo's doll sitting next to me on the counter for reference, I cut and molded the shapes I needed and pieced them together on top of the blue buttercream. It was a labor of love.
I found this Wilton fondant/gum paste mold and it was perfect for making the ribbon, rick-rack and button trim for this cake.
Anyway, back to these sweet girls at Menchie's. They had fun.
 And Menchie even made an appearance! So cool.
Of course, this was the whole point of having the party at a frozen yogurt shop. What little girl doesn't like to pick out her own toppings?
The Menchie's staff was so awesome to us.
Not only were they super nice and helpful, but they hooked us up with coloring pages, balloons, yogurt swirl hats and all kinds of cool stuff.
 Make a wish!
Serious fun.

Party details: 
•  party dress - MishaLulu
•  beads - Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Sprinkled Pink on Etsy
•  LaLaLoopsy pencil topper set (for necklaces and cupcake toppers) - Amazon
•  doll stands - Michaels
•  cupcake topper 2" circle printables - LaLaHeaven on Etsy
•  party favor bags - Spritz party supplies at Target
•  striped paper straws - Spritz party supplies at Target
•  buttons and ribbon - Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics
•  fondant for cake - Wilton
•  fondant mold – Wilton
•  party held at Menchie's Frozen Yogurt shop


  1. I am super-impressed at that cake. I did Jacob's birthday cake and it did not turn out anywhere near as awesome. Maybe I will just hire you!

  2. that cake is so impressive.

    and is it bad that I would be thrilled to have that same birthday party for myself?

  3. ha, chimes – not at all. I'll admit that this was way fun for me, too. ;)

  4. great party!! I've been to a Menchie's once, in Colorado, and thought it was just the greatest. What a perfect spot for a birthday party! (I would even like my birthday there...ha!)
    Again, great job on that cake, Lo is one lucky girl! (ps: that Mischa Lulu dress is the sweetest!)

  5. I love her dresses. Do you make them or buy them? I'm having a daughter in a couple weeks, and it gives me hope that there is more out there than just pink ruffles.

  6. thanks! her dress is from MishaLulu. http://www.mishalulu.com/

  7. Wow! I'd have had a blast at that party and I'm almost thirty! You are definitely an awesome mom. The proof is in the cake! :)

  8. Happy Birthday Lo!! I can't believe how big she's getting, and Bowie for that matter! Great job on the party Mommy!

  9. Love the dress, it's so cute! You did a great job on everything :]

  10. what a great party idea! we live in Waukee and i had never thought of a party at Menchie's! i also just noticed that my daughter and Bowie are about 2 weeks apart - crazy!

    p.s. let me know if you ever want to sell that dress... :)


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