just Jen.

I don't know what is going on lately. Shit is weird. Maybe it's because Mercury is in retrograde. Or maybe it's the full moon. Both of my kids were awake at all hours of the night last night, so I know something is up.

I'm sure no one else noticed, but last week I had a moment of 'I'm kind of over being this 'heyjenrenee' person online' and the next minute I had typed a new domain name into Blogger (just for fun) and wham!! Before I knew what I had done, I had accidentally managed to delete my entire blog.

And I couldn't get it back. There was no amount of Google/Blogger help boards that could fix what I had done. If you typed in heyjenrenee.com, all you would get is a big blank error page. Gone! And after writing here for all these years (since 2006, to be exact) ... I had a moment of 'Huh. Maybe I'll just stop blogging.'

But that felt weird, too. So, for two days I fought to reclaim my domain. So to speak. I had to get it back. I didn't want it to end. And after two days of reading all about 404 errors on Google + CNAMES on help boards, I figured it out. I held my breath, plugged in a bunch of numbers that I didn't understand, waited an hour for my DNS settings to activate and I was back. I was stoked. I got my blog back.

Why am I telling you this? I've been asking myself why I'm blogging. Again. (I've done this before.) I'm re-evaluating things. I'm going through a major re-design of this lovely space that I lost and then worked so hard to get back. It's going to be better. And eventually, HeyJenRenee may redirect you to a new blog with a new name. Or it may not. Either way, it will still be me. Just Jen. Still here. Why am I here? Because I enjoy being here. Because I can't stop now.

Sabrina Ward Harrison said it far better than I ever could.

'I believe we must create what we most need to find. I don't aim for pretty, I aim for release. We have to make room for our life in progress. As women, we must be heard along the way. We must share how it really feels, what we know but can't place. We must take a deeper breath and let go. Trust yourself. Leave ripples.'


  1. Please don't go away! I like having you here in blog land.

  2. Please don't go! I enjoying your blog so much!

  3. So glad you held your breath and plugged in the numbers - your blog is such a treat.

  4. Great save! Your blog is super and it would be a bummer without you here!

  5. i love you and your blog, please don't stop. I do thru it the ebb and flow with posting too but in the end I do love it and can't imagine not doing so. xo

  6. Ugh! That would be awful. Most of my Juice blog is gone and I miss it - like peeking back into a journal of my past life.

    I was thinking about how crazy busy I am and how silly it is that I keep up my blog (I have very few readers), but I like being a resource for at least a few people.

    I respect and admire the way you weave together bright spots and humor and everyday family life in your posts!

  7. Jen,
    I don't comment often, but I am a regular visitor. I'd hate to see your blog go...here's why: you have a great mix of traditional and alternative approaches to life: to design, to making things, to parenting, to music, to relationships and goals. I find inspiration in that as I sometimes find myself stuck in a rut. From your blog I've found motivation to get back to making things (scrapbooks, knitting, photography), to making fun lunches for kiddos, and more. I appreciate your opinion and insight. And most of all, appreciate your invitation to being a part of your life in an online way. Whether you continue or refresh, I hope to continue following along.
    All the best!


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