little things that made my day today.

It's December! Really! But I am stoked and ready for it this year. No better way to kick off the holiday season than to bump into a fun friend first thing in the morning who is game for over-analyzing the necessary-ness or unnecessary-ness of the Nieman Marcus things at Target. We shopped and studied the crap out of that section before making our final selections. So much fun.
My favorite score of the day was actually the Rodarte wrapping paper! I know. The wrapping paper roll comes with four gigantic sheets that are really more like art prints ... so of course, this became wall art for Bowie's room. As soon as I got home. Perfection.
Later on, homeboy and I took a stroll around the East Village to grab coffee and check out the shops while Lo was at ballet.
We definitely had to stop here ... wow. My favorite store front in all of Des Moines is Hill Vintage & Knits. Peppermint yarn cats!!
Inside, I found a fantastic little knitting group. Next time, I'm joining in.
Then, Bowie and I spotted Smiley! Smiley will always make your day, whether you see him in art form or real life. Just another little thing that made my day great. Lots of little nice things today. Happy December; I can already tell this month is going to be good.


  1. Don't you just love Hill Vintage? Those chicks are hilarious and I've found such good stuff in their shop. The knitting seems right up your alley!

  2. des moines looks so cool! Miss you!!

  3. SMILEY!!!! I always called him the Happy Man back int he day. He's just the best.

    I bought the Rodarte paper to hang, too, and was trying to figure out a frame for it. Washi tape is an awesome solution!


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