our EOTS

This is our first year doing the Elf on the Shelf thing. I love Christmas. I really really love it. So any little dorky thing I can do to make my kids laugh or smile is super fun for me. This is our elf, Buddy.
On December 1st, we read the Elf on the Shelf book and suddenly there was a knock on the door. We ran outside to see who it could be.
And there he was, sitting by our giant gnome, patiently waiting to be found. I brought him inside, which is probably against the rules. But someone had to pick him up.
On the morning of December 2nd, he made himself some breakfast. And a huge mess on our counter top. Lo didn't want him to feel too bad about it so she wrote him a note that said 'that mess you made is okay.'
On December 3rd, he brought his own blanket from home and Crumb Sugar Cookie let him sleep on her couch under the Christmas tree. Which was super nice of her.
On December 4th, Buddy helped us decorate the house.
Lo was worried that he might get a headache from hanging upside down, so she was relieved that later in the day he was back on the shelf above the fireplace.
On December 6th, Buddy knit himself a scarf! He's a really good knitter.
And today, December 6th, marks Lo's debut in The Nutcracker. So Buddy made himself a tutu and surprised her with flowers. He also wrote her a note that said 'break a leg!' 

That sums up the fun we've had with EOTS so far ... what is your elf up to?


  1. SO AWESOME. Love the mess in the kitchen, ha! & the scarf! Who knew elves could knit! ;)

  2. OMG- the cuteness is unbearable. I'm tempted to start that tradition at our house next year. :)


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