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Sometimes if you're lucky, you accumulate a number of dear friends as you make your way through life. They might live next door to you, or in the same city as you, or across the ocean from you. If you're really lucky, your sweet friends will knit things for your baby and you'll get to dress him up and marvel at how cute he is in his handmade wardrobe. It is fun.
I blogged about some of our hand-knits from friends awhile ago during the newborn days, but here's a new group of things that fit right now. My good friend Amy knit these awesome stripey pants (and I think she made the onesie, too!) Amy is a mom friend, but more. She has three boys close to Lo's age and we have been friends since they were babies. Amy also taught me how to knit! She's a good one.
These pants are perfection, especially now that it's been pretty cold around here.
  And they have a drawstring, so they fit perfectly around the waist.
I know! Adorable. I love them. I want some for myself.
This little blue hoodie is from my fantastically knitty next-door neighbor, Jan. It's one thing to have a good neighbor, but it's even better when that neighbor knits! She is not only really talented, but she sometimes invites me over to see if I want anything out of her yarn stash. And there may have been times when we have compared finished knitting projects outside on our driveway. Ha.
 This sweater is so soft and warm and comfortable and I love that little red button.
I love it – so perfect for everyday. I have to hunt down the photo, but neighbor knitter Jan also made a tiny angora sweater for Lotus that she wore during her first Christmas. Jan is the person who made me want to learn to knit.
Well, hey now ... socks! This awesome fair isle pair came from my lovely and creative friend Kim, all the way from London. Kim and I used to do all kinds of crazy long-distance crafting. (If you want to see the fun things we did, check out Work Your Soul.) I found her through scooter/Vespa forums and we became modern-day pen-pals.
She surprised me with these fantastically cool socks in the mail when Bowie was a tiny newborn. (Now check out those chunky thighs!)
 His feet are small but he's finally growing into these, just in time for our coldest winter days yet.
I think he loves all of his special hand-knits. From our fellow mom-friend, our next-door neighbor friend, and our craft friend overseas. Thank you for taking the time to make something special for this kid.


  1. I love this post. So great to have wonderful friends, but friends who knit lovingly handmade items for your boy is the best. Looking good Bowie

  2. Awww your little guy is so cute in all his knitted stuff! Love the knitted booties and pj bottoms!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  3. New reader here - and i couldn't love this post more! i am expecting my first baby at the very end of march and i'm really hoping that my mom makes me plenty of knitted clothing.


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