I grew up in a small Iowa town where there was a men's store. Not a department store, but a locally-owned shop called Wilson's. (Actually, a lot of people just called it 'The Men's Store.') It was where I would happily tag along with my mom to find my dad's next suit. I remember how it smelled and how I'd feel the sleeves of each of the sport coats ... gray, navy, black and brown. They knew what size my dad wore and if ten-year-old me walked in with a $20 bill in hand, looking for my dad's next birthday gift, they would happily show me wallets, ties, belts and dress shirts that they knew my dad would like. It was a pretty neat place.

The cool thing is ... a place just like that still exists. And that place is Badowers, right here in Des Moines. The fine fellows at Badowers have put together a fantastic holiday gift guide for your favorite fellow. Perfect for your boyfriend, husband, brother ... or your dad. And check out that great video by my talented pal Garrett Cornelison. Great stuff, guys!
Badowers 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Clockwise from top left: