If you're not totally elfed out this season, here's what our friend has been doing at our house the past couple of weeks. (He's obviously a skater.)
He brought us a gingerbread house kit to work on. (He got it at JoAnn's with his 40% off coupon.)
Then, he was nice enough to build the gingerbread house and let it dry overnight so we could skip ahead to the decorating. He also made a tiny flat roof house out of graham crackers. And collected all of the leftover candy that we had hoarded from Easter and 4th of July parades.
He loves Vespas.
 He drinks syrup.
He has marshmallow snowball fights with his elfin friends.
He dug out a pile of Christmas books to read under the tree.
And he brought the kids elf pajamas. From Old Navy. I mean ... the North Pole. That I made them wear to the mall when we visited Santa.
 He brought Lo some craft supplies and made a banner.
 And he brought us a Santa spatula and snowflake cookie cutter so we could make cookies.
 And some candy canes!
 He got Lo's skates ready to go on the morning of her Girl Scout ice skating party.
 And he was cold one night, so he wrapped himself in toilet paper.

So that's what he's been doing. I have to admit, I'm a little bit elfed out. But it is fun. Only a few days left! Are you running out of ideas? ;)


  1. raises hand. totally elfed out. having to make sure that he's out of reach of the two year old limits my creativity! thankfully, two different days the biggest touched the elf, and therefore the elf had to rest a day or two to recoup his north pole magic! love the clothesline! :)

  2. Is that a basket chair he is sitting in next to the yellow bowl in the fireplace? Withe the bent legs? I grew up in chairs like that. So comfy. Where on earth did you get it? I would love to have one. My dad brought them back from Japan in the 50's!

  3. Susan - YES! Someone gave that to us as a gift and I can't find it online. My daughter uses it in her doll house and it's the perfect size for the elf. It's so cool that your dad had the real deal back in the 50s ... it would be amazing to have those now!


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