two shows, two days

Last weekend was crazy, especially considering that I'm no longer in the game. Sometimes, I like to trick myself into thinking I'm still cool. And I might be a little bit cool, but mostly I don't have time for cool. I'm a mom of a kindergartener and a baby. I no longer go to concerts any and every night of the week, followed by beers and after parties and slices of greasy pizza at 3 a.m. No! But I remember that girl. I do. And after a week of shows and costume parties I'll admit that I feel a tiny bit more balanced. Weird but true. It must have been time to break out of comfort of the mom-zone, swap out the hoodie and for a leather jacket and just ... go.

So I did. Last Saturday night, I ventured out to Wooly's with my friend Erin to see Sleigh Bells. Oh, how I had anticipated this show – I was so excited when I found out they were making a stop here and could not wait to see them. After blaring their albums in the car until even my kid knew all of the words, this was such a fun band to see live.

They hit hard with those (infinity) guitars and heavy heavy bass. And Alexis Krauss is, well ... she's hot. She busted out the lyrics in that sweet voice of hers and even did some crowd surfing and I honestly loved every single minute of it. If you want to see that crowd surfing, check the Rill Rill video below. (Just beware of the tiny f-bomb.)
The very next evening, I found myself right back at the same venue with Bo to see Stone Sour's sold-out CD release show. They sounded super tight and it's always a whole lot of fun to watch Josh Rand and Jim Root play. Corey Taylor is such a phenomenal front-man, too. I've got a lot of respect for those guys – you can tell they work hard.
Sometimes living in Des Moines has its perks and this was one of them, because this was kind of a hometown show, just for us. It was pretty fantastic.

Here's some video if you're interested. Gosh, it was fun.

Infinity Guitars.
Rill Rill with crowd surfing. (Might be a tiny bit of swearing.)
Through the Glass.

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  1. Looks like SO much fun.

    I think I'm way overdue to break out of my mom role some night very soon.


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