to my dad

My dad went off to the Army in 1967 at the age of 17. How he got there is a very long story, but the boy you see here was a combat medic in the Korean War.
He has shared stories with me over the years about what he endured there. Stories of enemy fire in the elephant grass, and how he came to the aid of fallen soldiers. He was quick and brave and smart and though I'll never know every single detail of what he did there, I do know that he did some pretty heroic things. And I am so thankful and proud that he is my dad. He is definitely my hero.
So on this Veteran's Day I thank my dad, Murray Berggren. I thank all veterans for your past, present and future service to our country. Thank you to the soldiers who came home and didn't get the homecoming you deserved. Thank you to the soldier in uniform who I saw from a distance in the grocery store last week. None of us would be where we are today without your dedication and sacrifice. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. But thank you.

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