Market Day: violence-free Black Friday shopping (since 2009)

I'm loving the Market Day Black Friday posters this season. Aren't they fantastic!? In case you haven't heard, this Friday is Market Day's Black Friday Indie Shopping Bash. Market Day is the very best place in Des Moines to find a huge variety of unique handmade, local and vintage gifts for everyone. And you won't get trampled by crazy shoppers or have to wait in line outside in the dark at 4 am. Swing by the Kirkwood building and support the local creative community. You can find us at 400 Walnut Street from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. (That's right ... 9 to 5!) Head over to the Facebook invite to RSVP.  See you Friday. (I'll be knitting my tush off until then!)

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