Tuk Tuk yarn bomb

This is cool. A local guy here in the Des Moines owns a bunch of tuk tuks/rickshaws/Cushmans, and he's organizing a race called the Tuk Tuk Goose Chase.
I recently met two lovely knitters/crocheters (Riane and Deb) from Goodsmiths while vending at Market Day, and they told me that they were yarn bombing their tuk tuk for the race. Naturally, I asked ... how can I help?
I haven't had much time to do extra knitting yet, but they have made an awesome amount of progress on this thing. Wow. I'm hoping to knit a few more pieces to help out before the race, but here's a little strip I knitted while I was at Market Day last Saturday. Too busy. Wish I could have made more!
If you're in the area, check out the Tuk Tuk Goose Chase downtown on October 28th. I've seen pics of a Mystery Machine that's ridiculously cool, a Peace Tree brewing company Cushman completely covered in beer labels and a starry mosaic-covered tuk tuk that will blow your mind.


  1. I like the Tonka Tuk in the first pic!

  2. I just found your GAP-tastic cowl pattern on Ravelry, and wanted to say thank you sooo much. I actually bought one of those scarves a few seasons back and lost it on the bus just last week, I can't wait to knit up a new one using your pattern!

  3. hey Jen Renee, you are the cutest!


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