Lo's lunches

I haven't posted lunch/bento pics in awhile, but this is what they're looking like lately. I've been having fun carving jack o'lanterns, ghosts and bats out of slices of cheese. Isn't Halloween the best? Also, I've been loving Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolbook alphabet cookies to go along with Lo's letter of the week. She has been begging for apple slices each day (eeek, kind of in a rut with that) but I've been packing them in separate small containers to ensure that the lemon juice that I put on them doesn't make everything else soggy. I still need to do some work on convincing this kid to eat a bigger variety of foods, but we'll get there. (I'm honestly just happy that she's eating her lunches!)


  1. mmmmm, salami and cheese. i'd take these lunches any day of the week!

    just imagine what she'll tell her kids someday about the lunches her mom made her... makes me tear up thinking about it.

  2. These are SO adorable! I'm so jealous! haha :)

  3. absolutely adorable! :)

  4. The best lunchboxes I've ever seen!
    I've posted some of them on my blog, of course with a link to your website. Hope you like it.


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