8 months of baby

Oh, man. Here is this little guy from the very beginning. Bowie is 8 months old, and I love seeing how fast he's grown in these side-by-side pictures. This has been our tradition ever since Lo was born. See her pics and the little book I made with them here.
He's super fun and silly, loves his big sister and has a smile for everyone. He has two tiny teeth and bright blue eyes. He gives lots of snuggles and slobbery kisses and can sit up all by himself. His hair is fluffy, his skin is crazy soft and he smells delicious. He is sweet as pie. This is my boy ... I love him to pieces.


  1. So adorable! We've taken monthly shots with all our babies for their first year, too, just with a teddy bear. I love seeing how they change. And I especially love when they start getting grabby in the photos - this past month our little man attacked the teddy bear!


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