first day

 (My heart.) Lo's first day of Kindergarten is today.
Kindergarten is a big one. You hear people say it all of the time. Oh, is she excited? Is she ready? How will you do when you drop her off that first day?
And I will tell you. She was hesitant. Ready. Excited. Nervous. But good. I kind of felt the same.
We got to school early and I waited there with my little girl in a sea of big kids, backpacks and parents. She nervously asked questions and I smiled and assured her that her first day would be great.
The bell rang. She climbed the steps, wearing her enormous backpack and we went in. Hugs and kisses and a quick goodbye. I know she'll be her fantastic self today.
She's good. I'm good. I left with a smile, a tear in my eye and a proud heart. My girl is growing up ... right now.


  1. brave

    Mine starts high school tomorrow. I feel like the day you are now reflecting on JUST HAPPENED. Sooooo fast

  2. What a sweet, big girl. That dress (and the shoes, of course) are perfection.

    And Bowie is SO grown up already! Amazing.

  3. I love the pic of her going up the stairs! So cute. She looks so tiny. :/ Hard to believe you've got a kindergartener!

  4. My son just started kindergarten too. I dont know about you but i was feeling super proud and yet super clingy to my kiddo. Lol had to put on my big girl panties and show my kindergartener how its done. Congratulations mom and Lo :)


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