road trip

What happens when you decide to take your five-year-old and four-month-old on a 24-hour road trip to Florida? 
We packed up the Honda Civic for two solid days of driving; 1,484 miles each way.
This week, the story unfolds. Each day, I'm sharing photos and stories about our Florida adventure. Because I can just tell that you want to know more.  ;)
Close encounters with Tropical Storm Debby. (Debby Downer, as we called her.) Downpours at Disney World. Thunderstorms and tornado watches. Beach adventures. A shark attack. But lots of fun stuff, too.
Driving, driving and more driving. 
(So much driving.) Check back tomorrow.  ;)


  1. you are a brave one and of course I want to see more!

  2. i love roadtrips, can't wait to see more of your trip! :)

  3. My parents drove from Michigan to Florida with me when I was a baby to visit the great grandparents. I think I went to Disney too...don't remember. ;) Sounds like an epic trip!


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