Hey! Have you ever thought about advertising on heyjenrenee? If you have, I am happy to say that  it's easier than ever. I, along with many other bloggers, have started using Passionfruit to manage ads. Which means you can click on the 'advertising' heading at the top of this blog, choose an ad spot and pay for your ad right here on my website. Click the pink 'buy now' button, upload your ad and submit payment. Super quick, super simple.

Starting at $15/month, your ad will appear on my sidebar. Which is a fun place to be. On average, I get 120,000 pageviews per month and that number can rise to 225,000 and higher. Your ad will appear for 30 days (starting on date of purchase.)

If you need help designing your ad, that's cool. Just let me know. Any other questions? Click here for more info.

Thanks! You rule.

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