kid made modern: tape + book project

I just about flipped when I first saw all of the Kid Made Modern kits and art supplies at Target. (Did you, too?) I'm a big Todd Oldham fan. Also a huge fan of this book. And I couldn't wait to get my hands on some of this stuff.

Lo was super excited about the Diary Kit in particular, and I was stoked about the colorful paper tape. Amongst other things.
The diary kit is fantastic, by the way. It includes these great stamps and stamp pad, sticker sheets, markers, classic diary-style multi-colored pen, and of course, the diary itself. (That pen. I totally had one in junior high. Wrote all of my most important notes with it!) The solid tape set comes with 9 different colors. And we decided to cover the diary with the tape! This was tons of fun. Kids love tape. (Umm, I love tape.)
Word. It turned out so cool. This was such a great activity for us to work on when we were stuck indoors during the endless heat advisory we experienced last week. And I definitely want to do more crafts like this during our last days of summer vacation. Go pick up some of these great sets at Target! We're already working on something new with the Charlie Harper wooden bird set. So. Cool.


  1. I bought them ALL. LOVE this post. How cool!!!!!!!

  2. i'm headed to Target tomorrow to check 'em out! i am a tape, paper and all things office-y fanatic! Lo's turned out great ... perfect keepsake and drawing joural.


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