Juno Beach

Juno Beach in Jupiter, Florida. This was probably my favorite part of our vacay. We hung out near this pier. And actually, Bowie and I mostly sat under the pier. It was the perfect shady place to keep him out of the sun. Bo and his dad had a chance to surf together. Lo and her cousins had a blast building tide pools, sandcastles and finding shells. Bowie dipped his toes in the ocean for the first time. It was so, so nice.

Scary bit of information: we found out that just a couple of hours after we left, a six-year-old boy was bitten by a shark near this pier. Not even kidding. But tropical storms and shark attacks aside, we are happy to have our first family-of-four roadtrip vacation under our belts. It was fantastic. And we'll do it again. 

**This will be the last Florida vacay post ... promise. Thanks so much for following along! You are rad.


  1. I'm a little sad the Florida posts are over. 1. Because I'm 37 weeks pregnant stuck at home and need to live vicariously. 2. because it gives me hope for kick ass family vacations even with little kids.

  2. awww, @leamaxwell, that is sweet! and I promise - you will have many, many kick ass family vacations to come. (congrats!)

  3. That pic of Lo on the surfboard is PRICELESS.

  4. It looks like you guys had SO MUCH FUN on your trip! YAY!


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