Looking for the perfect Father's Day card? (Because I can tell you how to find a really cool one and send it for free.)
I'm excited to be partnering up with Treat, a new site recently launched by the lovely people at Shutterfly and Tiny Prints. Treat allows you to send a personalized card from your computer. They have a great selection with hundreds of new designs. Lately, I never have enough time to get to the store to shop for cards for the various upcoming events and holidays, so this is pretty fantastic.
It also gives you the option to add a gift card and have it sent to the recipient's address. Cool? Yes.
Pick your favorite cards and save them in the sidebar. Personalize them, if you want.
You can also choose to sign in with Facebook to get birthday reminders.
Best of all, the first card you send is free. Enter the code FREETREAT at checkout. (So there you go ... Father's Day card, all taken care of!) You are welcome.  :)

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