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On Father's Day last year, I told Bo I was pregnant. I had kept the secret for two whole days, which had been nearly impossible. I gave him the news in the same way that I told him I was pregnant with Lo. Before he woke up that morning, I wrapped up a tiny box of baby-sized Vans with a note inside, and set it on the night stand next to him. This time around, he saw the box and already knew what was going on. He said 'No way.' And I said 'Way.' 
Fast-forward to this year, and he's settled into being a father of two with ease. We often find ourselves doing the whole 'divide and conquer.' He is awesome. He has really bonded with our little boy and it's so much fun to watch that happen. 
He has also been super diligent about taking Lo out on special one-on-one adventures whenever he has the time. They go biking, hiking, camping and swimming. They hit up the skate parks and go on ice cream dates. A kid is lucky to have a dad like that.
He makes life fun. He always goes the extra mile. He doesn't hold back. He might be the best dad in the universe. He's definitely ours.

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  1. Divide and conquer is EXACTLY what it's all about! Thats what I always tell people is how we deal with two! Happy fathers day to Bo. You guys are such an amazing little fam! Xi


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