mom's day

How was your Mother's Day weekend? Mine was busy ... but I have to say, the best ever. This is the year that I became a mom of two. I'm feeling pretty happy and pretty grateful. 
We spent Mother's Day celebrating Bowen's baptism. (That's where the busy part comes in.) 
His little baptism gown and slip has been in Bo's family for 65 years, and I feel so lucky that both of my kids have had the chance to wear this sweet little hand-embroidered heirloom. It's still in such fantastic shape!
Bo's grandma dressed all eight of her children in this gown, including Bo's mom. Bo and his sisters (and cousins) have worn it, and now our two kids as well.
At first, this little guy wasn't exactly thrilled with wearing a dress, but I explained that his dad wore it, too. And then he was cool.
I knitted Bowie this little sweater in white cotton with gray buttons. And my mom crocheted a white blanket that we used for both kids' baptisms. So the day was full of handmade love.
We celebrated after the service with a quick brunch and spent a lot of time outside in the gorgeous sunny weather.
My friend Beth made these adorable cookies for the party. They were pretty much too cute to eat. But we ate them anyway. Because they were delicious.
And we had to have Jones soda. I'm a sucker for the packaging and I love the berry lemonade.
After the festivities, I put Bowie in something a little bit more comfortable and had to try on his new pair of Tiny Toms that Bo's sister and her family gave us. They are so insanely itty-bitty. Too. Cute. We took a nice little walk to the 'Bux for the last day of Frappuccino Happy Hour.
It was a good day spent appreciating my little family of four. It's still surreal at times to realize that I have two kids. Like when Bo or I say 'the kids.' That's still weird. But the mom life is good. I feel loved. I hope my little fam does, too.  :)


  1. love everything about this day! congrats to bowie on his baptism!

  2. omg, so cute! I will email you back shortly, but it was great to hear from you! Miss you! I'm going to DC this weekend to see Vee, wish I had my bed buddy there with me :(
    o'well, next time!


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