So mom, you're a knitter, huh? And you made this for me? Tell me more. You're so smart and funny. I could listen to you all day.

 Go on, I'm just smiling. In a woolen cocoon. In May. Whatever.
No, I totally understand. You knitted this last winter, but forgot to take pics of me in it until now, so ...
... yup, better take them now. Before I get any bigger. Yes, babies sure do grow up fast.
Oh MOM! That's hysterical. You are so funny. 
 No, seriously. You are hilarious. I'm almost ROFL here.
(So, anyway. What is this thing exactly? A sleeping bag? You're not going to make me wear this outside, are you?)

Latest knitting project: Chunky Pea Pod (pattern by Paige Marecle.) 
Knit with Rowan Biggy Print. Details here.


  1. Omg this is the cutest ever! -squee-

  2. OMG your baby is adorable!!!

  3. Too adorable. I love that raised little finger in the last photo - very commanding. [Are you not tempted to knit an adult sized one? If I had one I'd stay in there all winter ...] ;-)

  4. hilarious & too cute, killer combo :)

  5. This is the most glorious baby knit ever. So cute! Glad he seems to like it too.

  6. Oh. My. God. That baby could not be any cuter.

  7. best blog post I've seen in a while. seriously, I loved this. :) I always wanted to make a cocoon, but haven't had the time! You should make some and put them in your etsy. ;) With all the time that YOU have. right?

  8. Thank you for my big smile of the day! What a cutie pie!


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