the M

Do you shoot with a DSLR ... but you're scared to move from Auto to the M? You need to take my friend Kara's online photography class. The M.

Here are the details ...

"This class is for anyone who wants to learn the technical aspects of digital photography in an easy to understand and unintimidating setting. The class starts at the very basics – camera and lens recommendations, exposure, composition, lighting, and Photoshop corrections. It ends with basic tips from everything from landscape to portrait photography and includes free Photoshop actions, film photography tips, challenges, critiques, and inspiration. Most of the focus is on portraiture, but other subject matter is covered. The class material covers two week’s of thorough, daily lessons, tips, and ideas. This e-course will go on sale on March 26th for $45 on Classes Kara Made. Class begins on April 2nd, runs for two jam-packed weeks, and concludes on April 13th."

You can see some of Kara's work here. So. Sign up already. You'll have so much fun with your camera this summer if you do.  :)

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