from London, with love

Look, look! I got a little surprise at my door the other day with a big Royal Mail stamp on the front. My sweet friend Kim Smith hand-knit these baby socks for Bowie. I love the colors, and there's nothing sweeter than a little pair of knit socks.
This is Kim. We have a lot of things in common. We somehow crossed paths online a few years ago when I originally found her through a Vespa Flickr group. She's a fantastically talented photographer, and I loved her work. Later, I discovered we were both also into paper crafting, journaling,  scrapbooking and such and we became long-distance friends. With her living in the U.K. and me here in the U.S., we also became pen-pals of sorts, sending each other random drawings and found papers and mixes on CDs. We started a little project called Work Your Soul, later adding our friend Kara to the mix. And now we're hooked on knitting. If only we lived in the same city. (Or even the same country.)  :)
Anyway, wow. Check out that colorwork. Such a labor of love. One more keepsake to add to my little guy's wardrobe. I can't wait to tell him where each of his handmade gifts came from one day. (Thanks so much, Kim.) xo.


  1. eeeeeeek those are awesome. That colorwork had to take ages. Lucky you to have such an awesomely dedicated friend.

  2. Those are the most adorable baby socks I've ever seen! Kim did a great job.
    And I find pen pals are so fun to have. I love that you send each other things.


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