She's five today. My Groundhog Day girl. Last night, we dug up videos from the day she was born. And the three of us sat and watched in disbelief. It was like seeing life in reverse; noticing how her face looked so much like her, even in the very first hours after she was born. That cry and that little face ... it was so her and we didn't even know it yet. It's hard to explain but it's never been so clear how time plays tricks on you and all of a sudden, your baby turns five. We've all come so far since then and I can't believe that in the next week or two, another baby will be joining our little family. Almost exactly five years later. Wow.
So here she is; my five-year-old. She loves drawing and making books, watching Phineas and Ferb, playing drums, dancing to songs from Yo Gabba Gabba, eating grilled cheese sandwiches, and is a fan of anything and everything pink. Happy birthday, my girl. Thanks for being pretty much the coolest kid ever. We didn't make you that way – you just are.


  1. Happy Birthday Lo! & BTW Frances is wearing that same hoodie & shoes today :)

  2. 5???? What? Where has time gone? Happy bday little Lo!
    We need to plan a family trip once that little bean gets outta yer belly!


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