pregnancy picks

I hadn't played around on Polyvore for awhile, and thought I'd share some of my favorite pregnancy must-haves. (A couple of these items are on my wish list, like that super cute dotted dress from Boden, but I own and recommend most of the other things shown here.)

GAP empire waist top
Super nicely shaped sweater to show off the round belly.

Boden maternity easy tee and skinny jean
I don't own this exact outfit, but have some purplish skinny cargo maternity pants that look similar. Loving the colors.

Boden maternity knot front top
Recently scored this awesome mustard yellow printed top on sale.  :)

Forever21/Love21 maternity starter kit
For only $16, you get a tank, leggings and a belly panel/band from Forever 21's maternity line. Must have!

Gap maternity forever skinny jeans
These have been my go-to jeans for my entire pregnancy, along with Gap's 1969 full panel sexy boot jeans. They look just like regular jeans and fit the best.

maternity fold over underwear
The comfiest, and from what I hear, a must-have if you're having a c-section.

Boden maternity easy jersey dress
I love love love this dress! The print, the colors ... everything. And it looks comfortable.

True Blue® Spa - Lay it on Thick
For the belly. 

Vitafusion PreNatal gummy vitamins
In my first trimester, I was down and out with morning sickness and couldn't keep down any prenatal vitamins. Until I tried these. I was really skeptical about gummies, but they actually taste GOOD. I promise. I'm picky. 

Mama Bee Belly Balm - Burt's Bees
Again ... for the belly.  :)


  1. Thanks so much for reminding the world that just because you're pregnant, it doesn't mean you have to give up on style. This has been my #1 issue so far - finding pregnancy clothes that fit, look good, are high quality and are stylish.

    And I ditto the gap sweater - I wish I could wear it every day because it makes me look "cute" pregnant, not lumpy pregnant.

  2. Totally just bought the Forever 21 package--it was just $11 today. I'm only 5 weeks in, so just now starting to need some slight accommodations in the wardrobe. Just having some basics to mix in with the old stuff will help a ton!


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