the list - 2012

banksy wall calendar 
It's December, and I'm making the lists. Want to see what's on our wish list for the holidays?
I may have already snagged this, as I heard they sell out quickly. If you haven't heard of 
Banksy and you have Netflix, I totally recommend that you watch Exit Through the Gift Shop.
for my favorite grown-up skater boy. 
scandinavian toy cats
fun and cute for Lo and/or baby.

turquoise lomography fisheye 
neato! love the color. and it's on sale.

umbra fish hotel 
we snagged this for Lo, since she still talks about Goldie ... a deceased fish from two years ago.
cool chalkboard ornament  
(that you could totally diy.)

field notes 'northerly' edition 
white + silver + finch paper ... so pretty!

What's on your list?


  1. This IS my list. I also want an anything from McCheeks Mayhem, another pair of Nervous System earrings, a $100 gift certificate, the biggest pair of knitted mitts I can find, RVCA Cut + Run pants and the instant ability to ride my new clear Penny and my future Zip Zinger.

  2. OH, that is such a good list! you always find the best things.


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