Journal Your Christmas/December Daily (in two hours)

Last night, I took a look at a sad little pile of papers and pics on my desk and decided I had to tackle this project once and for all. For the past four (or five?) years, I have done some kind of variation of a Journal Your Christmas + December Daily book, but things got a little nuts this year. My 'pile of December' got pushed to the side. I had already concluded that my little tradition just might not happen this year.
If you're like me, after the holidays hit and January begins, Christmas is sooooo over. So I knew I had to do this fast, if I was going to do it at all. Like, in one night. So I cut and glued and made this happen in two hours last night. For realz.
All during the month of December, I had taken pics of the process of holiday magic. I had even snagged one of these rad mini journal kits from my good friend, Jamaica, to make things easy. I had printed photos every week or so from Instagram or iPhoto on contact sheets, so they were small enough to fit on the little pages. So when I finally sat down to work on this, it was actually pretty easy to throw together. (Click on pics to see them a bit larger.)
I didn't use any Christmas paper or stickers (except the ones that were included in Jamaica's little kit.) I didn't put dates on every single page, and I didn't write notes on every single page. But I'm so glad I threw these pics together and that I can stick this book next to the others on a little shelf so we can look back on what made this particular season in this particular year so special. Every Christmas is special. 
So, if you're like me ... don't worry. There's still time to throw something like this together. Go print out your Instagrams, Facebook pics or cut up some of that holiday memorabilia that you have collected over the past month. That is my little nudge of encouragement for the day.  ;)

Happy New Year's Eve!


  1. Great book, Jen! Gold stars to you for getting it done...thanks for the creative kick in the pants I needed to just sit down and knock mine out. Happy New Year!

  2. jen it's SO awesome! i love all the color and the photos and the bits and pieces that are familiar. you ROCK, mama!

  3. Two hours! You are hella creative! That is a super cute book. :)

  4. You have SO Inspired me Jen! Thnk you!

  5. You have SO inspired me!!!!! Please do a knitting post soon! Happy 2012 to you and your beautiful growing family!!!

  6. Love your little book! I still have to finish my December Daily and I need some quick and easy ideas like this one ;)

  7. Liketh the book. Thanks for sharing that albums don't need to be super duper ones and that a simple little book can do the trick as well :)

    Happy New Year {quite belated though} :)


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