felt baby shoes

Over the weekend, I finished up this quick DIY project from the Purl Bee. Tiny felt baby shoes.
You probably already have all of the supplies, and these are super fast to make. You just need a small amount of wool felt, embroidery thread, a tiny bit of 1/4" wide elastic, scissors, straight pins and the printable template.
I used gray felt and chartreuse embroidery thread, and I'm pretty much in love with how they turned out. How can you not love tiny felt shoes? So sweet. (You should make some.)


  1. I saw this tutorial last week and thought that they were downright adorable. I'm glad to hear that they were easy to make too- and I love your color combination.

  2. LOVE them! My mom was just telling me about these last week & that she's planning on making a few pairs for my sister's baby!

  3. I am having a hard time finding wool felt in the stores in Austin, Texas!!! Made these cute shoes with an embossed felt I found a Michael's ----- turned out really cute and might not be as warm as the wool would be ---which is a good thing in TEXAS in the summer :)


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