bits and pieces of our holiday

 Just a glimpse of what Christmas at our house looks like...
 Doughnut/pajama days.
  Letters written.
 Gingerbread house construction.
 Paper snowflakes.
 Amazingly awesome Christmas cookies from our friend, Beth.
 (Have you ever seen cuter cookies in your life? She's good.)
 White Christmas.
 Random decorations on our fireplace.
 And our kitchen.
 Brightly-colored stockings.
 Craft projects.
 Lo calls these 'mintys.'
 Cookie baking.
(She can almost do everything all by herself this year.)
Tree decorating.
 Advent calendar excitement.
 Ornaments, old and new.
 Ballet classes and The Nutcracker.
 Silver + white.
 Ice skating fun.
Glitter and glue.
A taste ... or two.  
Happy holidays to you!


  1. I want to see photos of your house when it is messy.

  2. What an amazingly awesome time! You guys should adopt me. :) Also, I love your family photo/card.

    BAH! My word verification is "typsi." haha

  3. Those jambes are so adorable! Gosh it looks so fun. xo, rv

  4. Wow, you got a neat and modern house. Next month, I'll be checking new homes for sale listings and look for similar designs as your abode.


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