30 weeks

30 weeks, and hi there ... I am round. The sweet barista at the coffee shop where I knit told me that I had really 'blossomed' this week. I think that's the nice way of saying, 'wow, you're round!'
I'm grateful to have winter coats that I can still manage to button/zip to stay warm. This is not one of them. My outerwear options are narrowing day by day. But no complaints! Time is going fast and I know the holidays will make things fly by even quicker.
This week was kind of hectic. I was rear-ended in my car (but everything turned out okay.) Bo went to Aspen on a snowboarding trip. Lo and I had lots of slumber party/movie nights and went to Ballet Des Moines' Nutcracker. Which was amazing. Christmas prep and random craft projects are in full-swing around here and the hustle is starting to wear on me, but there's still lots to be done (and lots of extra little things I want to do.) How about you?


  1. you are too cute!! And snow!, agh, jealous!!

  2. you look so cute, and I, too, am jealous of the snow!!! Sorry you got rear-ended but the Nutcracker? That's one I've wanted to go see for ages. Have a great Wednesday xx

  3. Found your Gap-Tastic Cowl pattern last year but for some reason never knew you had a blog til today when I read your guest-post in the LIon Brand blog. You do exquisite things with yarn!!! Definitely bookmarking the blog for future visits. Enjoy the holidays, many blessings to you and yours!!


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