NYC: yarn, fabric, a dress and a pair of Levi's

So, you know we had to shop in nyc, too, right? Just a little bit. Here, I will share the documentation of our shopping adventures. Yes ... yes, this does deserve its own post.  ;)
Hello hello, Marimekko.
Oh my. Jamaica and I drooled like crazy over everything in this store.
It was almost overwhelming.
Gorgeous bright prints ... everywhere!
We each debated over the awesomely huge prints and patterns, which are usually sold by the repeat and are kind of spendy. But we decided that you really need to go there with a plan and a pattern in mind. And I didn't have a plan. But wow, we had so much fun looking around.
Then, Jamaica introduced Kristi and I to Malin+Goetz. We walked away with a couple of indulgences and a crapload of samples. Samples are fun!
Everything in The Future Perfect was amazing and, well ... perfect. I really, really was into that green, yellow and white drawer set. Along with a crazy cool glass-top coffee table supported by skateboard wheels/trucks. Too awesome.
And then, sigh. Then, there was Purl Soho.
This year, I got to go inside. (Unlike last year ... see story here.)
I sort of flipped out over the Knit Collage yarn.
And flipped out again when I realized that they carried the brand-new Brooklyn Tweed yarn, Loft. I mean, of course they have it! But I was so totally stoked to see it there. (Here I am, making some kind of excited exclamation about Brooklyn Tweed to the guys who worked there. Yarn nerd.)
All of the displays were so fantastic and textural.
And I loved seeing all of these rad Purl projects in person – I had admired all of these online at The Purl Bee.
I have actually started knitting this exact baby blanket (in different colors) for our new little dude.
So many yarn colors and fabrics and samples ... I could have stayed there all day.

(Seriously. I could live, work and sleep there.)

I spent my last day in the city exploring a bit on my own (and taking the subway all by myself for the first time.) I magically ended up at Lion Brand Studio. Check out that huge crochet hook in the window. They always have such cool displays.
Like this life-size knitted tiger pelt! (Whoa.)
I loved the way the store was set up – the sampling wall is just too cool.
I knit with a lot of Lion Brand, and it's hands-down my go-to yarn of choice when I'm working on new projects. It was fantastic to be able to check out some of the specialty LB Collection yarns they offer that I had never seen in person before.

They also had all of the new Martha yarns on display. I picked up some of her mint green Roving Wool while I was there and can't wait to try it out.

So, what did I bring home after all of that? Well, there's only so much room in a suitcase. I brought home a wooden NYC building block set from Muji for Lo, and she's been playing with it a lot.
Other treasures included some yarn from Purl Soho, kitchen towels from Marimekko, a pair of skinny Levi's that I scored for $10, and a dress from Anthro that was $100 off. (Not bad, huh?)


  1. love it all! purl soho is amazing isn't it?! and shopping in NYC is the best. :)

  2. I was just yearning to go to Purl to get fabric for a new quilt- so jealous! It looks like you hit a lot of great spots

  3. looks like some fabulous loot! i'm surprised you didn't bring home a suitcase full of yarn. :)

  4. I just saw you got the awesome highlighter yellow yarn too. I made a hat. What are you going to make? I'm obsessed with neon yarn now and want to get more things to mix with neutrals.


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