meeting Tony Alva

Last night, we got the chance to hang out with skateboarding legend Tony Alva at our favorite local skate shop, Subsect. (Tony is one of the original Z-Boys and is considered to be one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. If you've ever seen Dogtown and Z-Boys or Lords of Dogtown, you'll know who I'm talking about.)
Bo has grown up skating and Tony has been a huge influence for him ever since he can remember. So it was extra cool for Bo to be able to meet and chat with him. He was a super chill guy and had a lot to say; he really liked Lotus's name and even went so far as to give us suggestions for the new baby's name. Which was pretty rad.
It was all part of Subsect's 'Get on the Bus Tour' 2011 which was hosted by Vans, and they packed the house. Andrew Langi was also there and the Vans bus was outside handing out lots of sweet t-shirts, hats and stickers.
We always have a great time hanging out at the shop for awhile, checking out the boards.
And hanging with Kevin and the rest of our friends there.
They even had free hot dogs on the grill. This girl ate two of them.
After we had chatted with everyone, we grabbed dinner at Zombie Burger and watched the fireworks. 
 It was such a rad Saturday night. We feel pretty grateful that we can do fun stuff like this right here in Des Moines.
Thank you, Subsect!  :)

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  1. Yay DSM! Tony Alva would be pretty sweet to meet. Lucky you guys!


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