Do It Yourself mag feature

If you happen to pick up the Winter 2011 issue of Do It Yourself magazine, you might spot a little home decor makeover project I worked on.
Check out the 'Before and After' section, and you'll see how six bloggers (me included!) reinvented a dated piece of thrift store furniture, giving it a new and fresh look. Such a fun challenge!
My original piece was a classic older wooden chair with a sad little maroon seat. It was definitely crying out for a little tlc. I gave it a new sunny yellow paint job, and then knitted a black and white chevron cushion cover. I had one weekend to do it and it was seriously too much fun!
Be sure to check out a few of my friends who also are featured in this issue! My pals Karen Brady and Arin Wiebers of Ephemera Design show off some fantastic gift wrapping ideas on page 8, my crafty friend Leslie Poyzer produced and contributed to several sections in the mag, and the gang at Renegade Handmade did a fantastic re-do on an old schoolhouse desk on page 43. There's lots of other great ideas in these pages, so go pick up your copy now.  :)


  1. Jennifer L McGuireNovember 11, 2011 10:17 PM

    LOVE IT! You are a celebrity in my book! Love that mag!

  2. Wow, congratulations! So jealous!

  3. Thank you so much for doing such a great job on the chair! What a fun story it was to coordinate!!!!

  4. I was just reading that last night! And I was like, don't I know her SIStv? Congrats!!!!

  5. Crazy! I just decided I wanted to paint my chairs yellow but it never occured to me to knit a cover.

    I'm totally hounding you for an autograph next time I see you. Good job!


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