block after block

A couple of weekends ago, I had the most excellent adventures with these girls in wonderful NYC.
The four of us crashed in Brooklyn. We spent a long weekend trekking, eating, shopping, walking, laughing, navigating public transportation and taking a lot of photos. We had massive and delicious breakfasts/lunches. We saw bits and pieces of the NYC marathon and knitted with paintbrushes. We hit the Bushwick photobooth extra hard. We admired graffiti and handbags that were out of our reach and smiled. (A lot.) Here are some of my favorite parts of our adventures.
I had a beautiful time; I really did. It was just what I needed. I feel lucky to have friends and memories and adventures like these.


  1. so cool Jen. Fun to see these photos.

  2. Love this! Gorgeous photos, beautiful women!

  3. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I thought you might all implode from all the amazing creative energy among you! xoxo glad you got to unwind!

  4. it was blast, miss you much!!!xo

  5. Okay, I got stuck on the third photo for a while. Whatever you ate there, it looks DELICIOUS!

    I'm jealous of your girls getaway to NYC. It sounds like so much freaking fun!

    Also, I've knit with pens before, but never paintbrushes! Haha love it!


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