28 weeks (Thanksgiving edition)

The grateful list, 2011:
- tiny baby boy clothes pre-washing in the laundry
- a big-sis-to-be who goes on and on about how excited she is to help out with the new little dude
- comfy sweatpants
- Vans slip-ons
- caramel apple spice cider
- pancake Sunday mornings/doughnut days in our pajamas
- turkey, cranberries, stuffing and pie
- handmade vintage potholders
- baby kicks to the ribcage (and not the bladder)
- cameras to play with
- a yellow kitchen
- friends who are hilarious (and always there when you need girl time)
- time for late-night knitting
- a husband who can do it all
- made-up songs and stories from Lo
- iPhones
- dark rinse Gap maternity jeans, oversized cardigans, and leggings
- my own little butterball in the oven
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  1. happy thanksgiving! i loooove your dress! you look fantastic! xo

  2. SO many good things to be grateful for! I love your list (and those kicks to the ribcage sound awfully nice). Happy Thanksgiving!

    I was JUST wearing this dress yesterday. The turtleneck is a great idea (I've been pairing it with a cardigan). Nice that they made them knit and stretchy, yes?? And really good to see that I will get a lot more wear out of it!


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